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The Battle at the Halfway Oak and The Spanish Count by Steven Muhlberger

Author: Steven Muhlberger
Published: July 2022
ISBN: 9798201523046
Cost: $2.99

Summary: A deadly formal combat between two garrisons. Knightly honor in an age when it seemed all honor was gone. Blood and death on both sides.

A count hiding in plain sight, awaiting a huge ransom. Bankers, courtesans, and card sharps. Cloak & dagger intrigue in the streets of London.

The Hundred Years War was an epic medieval power struggle between England and France that lasted over a century over who should rule the dynasty. Over the decades, alliances shifted, battles were won and lost, and generations were born that included figures like Joan of Arc, Edward the Black Prince, and Shakespeare’s famous “Band of Brothers.” The conflict for the crown was fought on the battlefield, in the courts of the royal houses, and in the bedrooms.

In front of this backdrop, renowned medieval historian Dr. Steven Muhlberger brings two different stories of The Hundred Years War to life in these scripts of historical fiction about real events: The famous Combat of the Thirty at the Halfway Oak, and the intrigue involved in ransoming the Count of Denia. These scripts bring the focus in to show how nobility, men-at-arms, and common people in the streets struggled to maintain their honor and recall an earlier age of chivalry.

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eBook Cover of Steven Muhlberger's "Format Combats in the Fourteenth Century"

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Formal Combats in the Fourteenth Century

eBook Cover of Steven Muhlberger's "Format Combats in the Fourteenth Century"

Author: Steven Muhlberger
Published: August 2013
ISBN: 9781386892526
Cost: $3.99

Summary: Formal Combats in the Fourteenth Century presents the lifetime of scholarship by respected professor Steven Muhlberger in an accessible format that will engage both scholars and amateur enthusiasts alike. Adapted from various scholarly addresses over Muhlberger’s career, each chapter represents a different element of formal combat. Muhlberger presents formal combats as neither senseless violence, nor stylized maneuvering, but rather as controlled violence with deep personal and political implications. He examines formal combats both among nobles and non-nobles, questioning what these deeds meant practically, culturally, and morally.