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Coming Soon: The King’s Box by Dr. Alfred Becker

Witan Publishing is proud to announce The King’s Box, our next publication, from Dr. Alfred Becker.

Set to be published in Late 2022/Early 2023, The King’s Box focuses on the Franks Casket:

The runic and Roman texts appearing on the Franks (Auzon) Casket are well-known to students of Old English. The iconography is likewise familiar but contains many unusual features which are seldom discussed in detail. Dr Becker submits the runes and imagery to close examination using heuristic principles. The result of his study is a re-evaluation of the whole iconographic and textual program of the box as a figurative calendar relating to astrological events. The text then applies these results to what we know of the story of Welund the Smith who appears in one of the figural scenes.

Please continue to watch this space for more information!