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The Student’s Guide to Digital Publishing

Author: Various
Published: May 2020
ISBN: 9781393268864
Cost: $9.95

Summary: Are you interested in digital publishing? Maybe you are a beginning writer, or maybe you are an experienced writer who now finds that your old skills need to be re-sharpened for digital environments. Whether you want to write engaging articles, edit a digital publication for your employer, or self-publish your own novel, this guide is for you.

The Student’s Guide to Digital Publishing aims to teach the complete layman or undergraduate. No special expertise is needed. Our presumption that readers come to this book with little knowledge beyond that of the consumer. Most people find themselves reading and writing in digital environments all day long, yet from elementary school through university have not had a single lesson on how writing for those environments is different than writing for print. Digital publishing went from being on the periphery to being the dominant form of publishing so quickly that most of the pioneers in the field are still alive.

As early adopters of digital publishing experimented, they quickly found that most of the evergreen writing skills taught in school still apply. Some of those skills, however, need to be presented in new ways. Since digital publishing is the future for most forms of writing, beginners need guidance and formal training beyond the skills of traditional print writing. This book provides the starting point you need.